Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Please don't fuck about..this is 1974

Well yeah...I can handle that

So...don't fuck about then

Yeah...but I am still trying to be nice.
so I am not allowed to be nice to people?

Let's just remember that the girls who go on the blue buses...up to Park Wood...are easy. The Tovil girls are slags. The girls in Bearsted are posh. It's not that difficult.

What if I wanted to meet a nice girl?
Ther are no nice girls. They are just girls
But i have dreams.....two to have my own business and one to find a girl I love.
Girls are not for love.
What do you mean?
Well...they have their own life.

They can't have love then?

I trust you,man, but I have 2 sisters so I will always stick up for them against guys who want to use them and hurt them...but they have their own lives.

Let me tell you. We all went to Mote the days when people lied and stole and broke into the lockers

And your point?

Well...all these years has probably changed.

Did you love your life then?
Well...sort of.
Then please don't make people in this life feel bad about things.


Well..yeah...she should not have this shit

Fair enough...but if you go back to my time all those years ago....

Well....I loved her

She wasn't a-fucking live

Yeah...I know
Forget it then
So it means I'm not allowed to love her then?

Pretty much

But I can't let her go.

Andy...go back to 1974...1975...1976...

Yeah..ok...but that doesn't stop me loving her

If you really love her you will let her go

Oh great...then I will be lonely?

It is better that you are lonely.

But i love her

She is quite amazing...and her intentions are grand...but you are fucking years older...find someone else

But I don't want anyone else

She is more important...her intentions, I mean

But she loves me...she has told me
She is not some slag from the bus

I know that...I just love her

You have to let her do what she has to do

Yes...but it doesn't stop me caring about fact...I get annoyed when cunts hit on her

Calm down...she knows you care

But I have never loved anyone ever like i love her

It's ok...she knows...but you need to let her have fun. She's ok. You think too bad sometimes

About her??? have to stop to think that she knows her mind and she is not stupid.

yeah...well I just love her
She knows that

You think?

OK....never ever tell me to accept defeat as far as that girl goes.
Don't worry...just love her...that's all she wants


Be cool


She does love you

You think? her and love her....she will give you more loyalty than you will ever know

She won't let me down then?

Of course not.....but she owes you nothing. Be happy that she loves you.

Do you think she does love me?

Yes.....she loves you as much as you love her

Then...I am happy xxx

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